This course teaches you how to use Moodle to take and (hopefully) complete a course. You will learn how to update your profile to make it more detailed and relevant, navigate around a course, take part in forum discussions, attempt quizzes, upload assignments, check your grades, and use all the other features of Moodle. This is a beginner-level student course. Click once on the course title to the left to enter the course.
Welcome! The Moodle Branch of the Judy Harrow Memorial Library and Information Center provides links to orientation materials and information about library services as well as links that will help you with your research. You will also find forums where you can ask questions, make comments, and suggest resources to add to CHS's Judy Harrow Virtual Library.
Welcome to the Chaplains Office of Cherry Hill Seminary. As a seminary student, you have embarked upon a unique learning journey which, if successful, will prove to be a transformative experience for you. Transformation may involve change that is painful. Furthermore, life goes on during the course of your education, so it is likely that some of our students will experience the death of loved ones, serious illness, divorce or other difficult life passages. Though our staff and faculty are less likely to have the kind of transformative educational and spiritual experiences faced by students during the course of their studies, nevertheless, life, and death, go on for them as well. Several of our experienced ministerial faculty are available for spiritual support should you need it during your time as a matriculated Cherry Hill Seminary student pursuing a certificate or degree, as an instructor or as a staff member. There is no charge for this service and it is not intended to replace your relationships with local clergy/spiritual leaders or your own therapist. If you find yourself in need of pastoral care – spiritual support, please contact one of our CHS Chaplains through the links given below.